Monday, November 20, 2006

Turkeys, some fabric, and shoes...

We love crafting in this house. Granted, we don't do much of it because we're still trying to find our groove, but when we do, we have great fun. We made turkeys last week to prepare for Thanksgiving. Little Man especially loved gluing his hand tracings onto the foot tracing. Now that he's older, I really enjoy creating with him. He seems to understand that we have to move slowly and calmly when we're working on projects. Miss Mushie could have cared less about making her turkey, she more enjoyed throwing the crayons and construction paper off her high chair and watching Mama pick them up.
We rented Disney's Cars this weekend and Little Man LOVED it. He didn't quite understand that we had to return it to Blockbuster, so we bought him his own copy of it. While shopping, we stumbled upon this Cars fabric. We picked up a yard of it and I agreed to make him a pair of pants :) I also found this BEAUTIFUL blue quilter's flannel remnant. It will be made into some cloth napkins once I find a coordinating fabric for the back layer. M is getting tired of using washcloths as napkins, so I figured I better get started on making a stash of *real* napkins before he starts talking about going back to paper ones, blech.

After a month or two of not using my sewing machine, I got back in the saddle this weekend to make Mushie Face some new shoes. Her purple ones from the Disney Store are getting snug and I had the Darling Diapers Mini Moc pattern sitting here along with some suede clothing I picked up from Goodwill for making into shoes, so I quit my procrastinating and got to work. RAVE, RAVE, RAVE for this pattern. It was so incredibly easy, I can't wait to get some other suede colors to make more shoes. Miss Mushie was wearing her first pair in under an hour, including adding the heat bond interfacing in between the sole layers. By today, she had 3 pairs of shoes to call all her own :) I think what thrills me the most about this project is that not only did the 3 pairs of shoes cost LESS than $20, I still have so much suede left!! I could easily get 4 or 5 more pairs out of EACH clothing piece!!! Not to mention, the microfleece linings uses scrap piece I have from other projects AND the soles are an old leather jacket I had laying around!! I must admit, I feel pretty thrifty, YAY :)

Happy Birthday, Mushie and M!!!

It's been a crazy few weeks and so I haven't gotten around to posting much at all.

Miss Mushie Face turned ONE on the 11th and M turned 28 (the old man, LOL) on the 7th!!! We had their party the week before to accomodate all the grandparents and went out to Outback Steakhouse on Mushie's birthday to celebrate with just the four of us. It was a wonderful time had by all.

Here are their cakes. Mushie's cake is the same kind that Little Man got for his first birthday, an apple spice cake. She dug right into it and seemed to enjoy it, although, it was so late by that point, I think she would have prefered to sleep.

M requested a cake with chocolate icing so my mom picked one up at the store for him (quite frankly, I just didn't have time to bake :( and with 2 toddlers now...) Do you see how much chocolate is on this cake!?!?! Both were delish!!

To top it all off, my parents bought a small moon bounce for the kids and the 3 of them, Little Man, Mushie, and my baby brother, G, all had a BLAST jumping around on it, especially when my 6' brother S got in there with them and made it even "bouncier" LOL.

Can't wait to see what the next birthday has in store....


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My FAA Listing!!!

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It's up... It's up....

My Fiber Arts Avenger listing is finally done and up at Hyena Cart. Come take a look at the NB Set I made :)

I hope it sells all the raffle tickets and raises LOTS o' money for Natty and his family and makes some newborn tushie very happy ;) I had a lot of fun making it and figuring out all the things I wanted to do. I just wish I had the time to knit something else for the raffles, but my Christmas knitting is so far behind now :(

Back to the grindstone now.....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Professor

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I've joined the bans of the Fiber Arts Avengers (click on the banner above to get more info) to help support a little boy just diagnosed with brain cancer.

Nat is a three and a half year old boy. He's been called the Professor since he was a newborn, and it suits him well. Proffer is a wonderful kid, he loves nursery rhymes and fairy tales. He loves to dance and sing and from infancy has always been very sure of himself and what he likes in life.

On October 25, 2006, Nat's family discovered that he had a brain tumor. On October 27 at 1:30 PM EST, The Professor underwent brain surgery in an attempt to remove the tumor.

It was discovered to be Medulloblastoma. This type of malignant tumor is among the more common in childhood cancers. The surgeon reviewed the post-op MRI, and there is no sign of tumor either radiographically or microscopically. So the only bits that can be left are cellular, and that's what the chemo is for. The fact that this is a fast-growing tumor is actually good for chemo, because chemo targets fast growing cells and eradicates them.

The oncologist is in full support of Nat receiving homeopathic support throughout his allopathic treatments. We know homeopathy helps, and we're hoping that the support it gives his whole body will allow him to withstand the levels of chemo necessary without suffering major long-term side effects.

The Fiber Arts Avengers are banding together again to raise some money for the Professor's treatments.

I will be contributing a gender neutral newborn set of longies and hat, perfect for the upcoming Christmas/ Yule season. Keep an eye out for when I list it :) The more support for Nat and his family, the better.

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