Wednesday, August 01, 2007

31 Pounds...

of peaches :) We went to our favorite orchard this past weekend with family and picked til our hearts' content. The kiddos each got their own little 1/4 peck bag to fill and Mama filled her canvas bags FULL of peaches. They're so incredibly juicy... I immediately made a peach cobbler when we got home. The rest you asked?? Well, some have been frozen for future use and some are being canned tonight as peach preserves or peach pie filling. Did I mention I can?? Yep. I finally was able to buy a canner and rack this year. Found it for $18 at Wal*Mart, a steal really. This is the first of the local harvest to be canned for us. Apples will follow in a few months :D


Anonymous The Simple Family said...

I'm so jealous! Our peach harvest was much earlier in the year and by the time I planned to go out....they were done.

My kids would go crazy to see that many peaches.

11:14 AM  

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