Monday, June 04, 2007

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;" Jeremiah 1:5

How utterly amazing that the Lord KNOWS this baby already. Every inch of skin that is forming, every blood vessel that flows through his/ her veins, every practice breath s/he takes, the Lord has set in motion.

We heard our little one's heartbeat on Thursday. What a wonderful, reassuring sound to listen to. The fast pounding that sounds like horses galloping. The sloshing of the fluids that keep the baby comfortable and safe. It is all so intricate and precise, and yet so surreal at the same time.

Little Man and Mushie Face listened in awe as they heard their brother or sister's heart beating so fast. Little Man kept putting his hand on my belly and whispering "Baby". He watched as my midwife checked the fundal height and felt around for where the baby was possibly positioned and then ever so gently, he tried o mimic her.

I think I felt movement this past weekend, but I can't be totally sure. When I was pregnant with Little Man, it was so easy to feel. I would just lay in the silence and wait. Now, I can barely feel my own heartbeating since silence is NOT something that occurs in my home very often. Alas, such is the life of the third born.



Blogger Heth said...

ooooh! Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is the BEST. It never loses it's magic. Congrats!!

12:56 AM  

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