Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Potty Learning Woes

We've been working on potty learning with the Little Man for a few months now (we started early summer) and to be honest, I HATE IT!!!

Let me preface by saying, M and I are pretty laid back when it comes to potty learning. We've let our little boy move at his own pace, we don't make him "use" the potty if he says he doesn't have to, we clean up accidents and don't make a big deal of them, the boy spends most of his days half-naked in our apartment to make peeing on the potty easier... I think M and I are doing really well. But I think we have begun having a problem.....

Little Man has recently decided that he doesn't want to use the potty all the time. Instead, he wants to pee on the floor, the couch, the dining room chairs, his SISTER!!! Yes, that's right, I have found my son peeing half way across the room onto his sister. This is where I must draw the line!!! My poor Mushie Face :(

We remind Little Man often where the potty is, that the potty is where pee goes, we ask him periodically if he needs to use the potty and we encourage him to try, but we don't push the situation. We've taken the laid back approach because we don't want potty training to be a struggle for control. I want learning to use the potty to be as stress free as I can make it, for everyone involved. But we're not moving in that direction. I am feeling stressed. I want the kid to be in underwear already and to fairly consistently use the potty.

So, any suggestions??? What's worked for you?? I'm going to do some reading to see if I can come up with anymore ideas because quite frankly, I'm all tapped out.


Blogger AIMEE said...

Well, I was able to train my 3 year old boy in a day (i didn't do that well with my first 2 kids!) Although I am a major Dr. Sears fan, I heard that the Ezzo book "potty training 1,2,3" was great and used it...it was AWESOME! It gives you the tools you need to do it in a day, or over a few weeks, or over a few months...rewarding a child for "staying dry" is the key concept...not rewarding for pottying...b/c the goal is clean and dry. It's worth checking into!
Good luck!

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