Monday, November 20, 2006

Turkeys, some fabric, and shoes...

We love crafting in this house. Granted, we don't do much of it because we're still trying to find our groove, but when we do, we have great fun. We made turkeys last week to prepare for Thanksgiving. Little Man especially loved gluing his hand tracings onto the foot tracing. Now that he's older, I really enjoy creating with him. He seems to understand that we have to move slowly and calmly when we're working on projects. Miss Mushie could have cared less about making her turkey, she more enjoyed throwing the crayons and construction paper off her high chair and watching Mama pick them up.
We rented Disney's Cars this weekend and Little Man LOVED it. He didn't quite understand that we had to return it to Blockbuster, so we bought him his own copy of it. While shopping, we stumbled upon this Cars fabric. We picked up a yard of it and I agreed to make him a pair of pants :) I also found this BEAUTIFUL blue quilter's flannel remnant. It will be made into some cloth napkins once I find a coordinating fabric for the back layer. M is getting tired of using washcloths as napkins, so I figured I better get started on making a stash of *real* napkins before he starts talking about going back to paper ones, blech.

After a month or two of not using my sewing machine, I got back in the saddle this weekend to make Mushie Face some new shoes. Her purple ones from the Disney Store are getting snug and I had the Darling Diapers Mini Moc pattern sitting here along with some suede clothing I picked up from Goodwill for making into shoes, so I quit my procrastinating and got to work. RAVE, RAVE, RAVE for this pattern. It was so incredibly easy, I can't wait to get some other suede colors to make more shoes. Miss Mushie was wearing her first pair in under an hour, including adding the heat bond interfacing in between the sole layers. By today, she had 3 pairs of shoes to call all her own :) I think what thrills me the most about this project is that not only did the 3 pairs of shoes cost LESS than $20, I still have so much suede left!! I could easily get 4 or 5 more pairs out of EACH clothing piece!!! Not to mention, the microfleece linings uses scrap piece I have from other projects AND the soles are an old leather jacket I had laying around!! I must admit, I feel pretty thrifty, YAY :)


Blogger PichGirl Projects said...

ooooh, I just adore these shoes!! So cute!

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw a post on and came to your site to check out these shoes. Super cute!

12:46 PM  

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