Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fall is in the air....

We went pumpkin picking on Saturday and had a blast. I was a little disappointed because the website for the farm we went to said "Pick your Own", but when we got there, they weren't in a field, they were in large boxes and you picked from there :( Ah well... next year I'll research better.

We went on a hayride and the kids got to see some very cute calves running around.

After pumpkin picking, we drove around looking at the trees changing colors. We stopped at my mom's house and picked some leaves for pressing later this week. M has been talking about pressing leaves with Little Man for 2 years now, he wanted to do it with him when he was 7months old, but I talked him out of it. This year, I think Little Man is ready and we're looking forward to the project.


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