Thursday, September 28, 2006

Summer's Last Grasps

Here in Virginia, we're still feeling summer grasping on for dear life. The kids and I visited my mom today and we were greeted by her hastas, still alive, kicking, and blooming. Summer will just not let go, yet. The hastas bloomed late this year and so now, when they should be starting to disappear like all the other late summer flowers, they're still greeting visitors in my mom's front woodland garden.
There are very few signs of autumn around. Some trees have begun to darken a little, but there are no tell tale golden and red leaves, yet. I canNOT wait. I LOVE autumn. I love the crispness in the air. I love long pants, especially jeans, that are impossible to wear in hot and humid Virginia summer air. I love wearing sweaters. And boots, let us not forget the boots. I love all the apparel that comes with the fall air. I wish it would last for a LONG time. I'm not much of an extreme weather girl, to be honest. My ideal environment would be 2 weeks of summer, autumn, 2 weeks of wcrisp air, winter with maybe a snow or two thrown in there for some white fun, and then spring. I'm more of a moderate temp kinda gal.
So, go hastas. Let the autumn season fall upon us. We welcome the crisp air and crunchy leaves with open arms.


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