Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Biker Rally

What many may not know about M and me is we're into motorcycles. My dad owns one and rides with my mom, M's step-dad LOVES Harleys and is saving up for one, M has a few family members with bikes, and so on it goes. We like to watch the bikes riding down the highway and we share our dream of one day owning a few and riding together. So it was quite exciting for us to come upon this on Sunday on our way down the NJ Parkway to visit M's dad.

It was Ride For Freedom IX put on by Rolling Thunder, Inc NJ Chapter-2. Little Man watched over 2000 motorcycles parade down the Parkway to the NJ Vietnem Veterans Memorial where they gathered for a wreath laying ceremony and guest speakers. It was fun to watch all these bikes and the different people riding them. People gathered on the overpasses to wave to the riders and there was even a firetruck with a banner proclaiming "We Will Never Forget". Having family who are Vietnam Vets, it gave me a sense of pride to see all these people gathering to remember those who are or were POWs and MIA.


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