Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A few Finished Projects

Here are some of my finished projects that have been done in the last few weeks. These Wonderpants are done in Peace Fleece dyed by Brad of Wooly Wonders by Nada in a colorway similar to Dashing Dachs "Caramel Apple". The trim is Peace Fleece in "Ukranian Red". These are my favorite pants and go w/ a few smocks I've sewn up for Miss Mushie. She looks absolutely ADORABLE in them and they're so nice and soft on her little cloth diapered tush :)

Love me some Peace Fleece :) These pants are done in "Father's Grey" with Antarctica White trim. They're our "neutral" pair to go with almost anything. That way, I can rotate pants throughout the day and not have to worry about matching "outfits". Both pants have Curly Purly waistbands to hold them up without a drawstring and seed stitch cuffs that need to be folded up right now (but we'll get longer wear out of them).


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