Monday, September 25, 2006

Lists.... and more lists

I admit it, I'm a lister. I make a list for EVERYTHING. I list out my menus each week, I enjoy making grocery lists, listing clothes to pack for trips, and so on and so on. So no suprise, I've listed the projects I NEED to get done for this year, at least the knitting and sewing projects for now *giggle*

This year for Christmas, we are doing a homemade Christmas. The majority of gifts will be handmade, by either me or the kids (M will help some too), so I need to start planning, like last week. So far (without revealing who's getting what) here are my lists of projects to complete.

5 pairs Little Turtle Knits Stripey Slippers
1 Scarf
1 Janet lace shawl
3 Washcloths (all of different designs and patterns)
1 Washmitts
1 Felted purse
Variety of fruits and veggies

13 pairs flannel pj bottoms/ lounge pants
3 pairs Mini Mocs
5 Eye Pillows
8 Bean Bags
2 Smocks in Holiday/ winter prints


Blogger PichGirl Projects said...

Wonder what we're getting??? I can't figure it out!!!
You are so cool with how you know how to hyperlinkand do italics and lists and stuff! So fancy!!!

9:43 PM  

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