Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Exciting News

Hear ye, hear ye, Miss Mushie Face took her first steps on Monday, September 18, 2006!!!

Yes, my little baby girl is growing up so quickly. Those little feet I loving posted about are beginning to do big things. For the last few days, Mushie has been practicing her pull-up and let go standing. She would stand for a few seconds then "plop" down to her thick diapered bottom. Yesterday she began letting go and standing for 10- 20 seconds. She even bounced her knees a few times. It was so thrilling to watch as she experimented with her abilities. M got home a little after 6pm and I excitedly told him of her accomplishment and stood Mushie up to show him. As she stood there, screaming in delight, shaking her arms, M told her jokingly, "Walk to Mommy" With that Miss Mushie picked up her foot and took 2 steps to me!! We whooped and clapped and Mushie Face laughed and screamed. We practiced steps a few more times last night, each time clapping as she became braver and braver taking more steps.

It's a bittersweet accomplishment. First steps are amazing to watch but at the same time, my heart is sad that Mushie is no longer my "baby". She's moving closer and closer to toddlerhood with each passing day and soon she will be moving towards independance. Not to mention all the running after her I'm going to have to do now ;)


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