Monday, October 02, 2006

Apple Picking

Ahh... Friday we went apple picking at a local orchard. It was a GORGEOUS day for it, perfect autumn weather. The air was so crisp we all needed to wear light weight jackets. Have I mentioned I LOVE this time of year?!?!?! The kids had a blast. Little Man really got into *helping* daddy use the apple picker and thought it was the greatest thing ever when M lifted him up into the trees to pick apples right off the branches. Even Mushie got inot the spirit of things, watching and giggling from the comfort of the sling. At one point, she grabbed an apple on a branch and chomped right into it while it was yet unpicked (we did pick the apple for her and she held and gnawed on it for the rest of our visit at the orchard).

The orchard also has some livestock, a bull named Sparky, a BIG pig, 2 donkeys, 2 sheep, and quite a few goats. Little Man was in awe watching the livestock eat their "lunch" of corn feed, apples, hay, and grass. A rendition of "Old MacDonald" was sung as we entered the *Harvest House*. OMG!!! I don't think I've ever smelled anything as lovely. The orchard staff make fresh pies, fresh breads, canned preserves and jellies and jams, RAW HONEY (it is SO DELISH!!) and so many other delectables. They even carry some art pieces from local artists. We're going back at the end of the month as more apple varieties ripen.

It was days like Friday that make me in awe of the beautiful things our Creator has surrounded us with.


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