Saturday, October 28, 2006

Autumnal Projects....

Today we decided to spend some time doing our autumn "art" projects with the kids. They had fun, especially Little Man. I think Mushie Face is still a little young to enjoy certain projects, but we let her have a go anyway :) First up was painting the pumpkins we picked out last weekend. Mushie wasn't all that thrilled with this activity, so after a little coaxing from mama, we gave up. Little Mama however LOVED this and had a grand time mixing all the paints on his palette. WHITE is his favorite color (his is the left pumpkin) and he kept asking for "More white, more white" as it got mixed with the other paints.

Next up were leaf pressings. After letting the leaves dry and flatten all week, M was anxious to try his hand at the pressings. The leaves darkened and lost some of their luster while drying and you can't appreciate their colors under the wax paper. They're hanging from the curtain rod in front of our balcony door, hopefully they'll be good "suncatchers", who the heck knows, LOL. But Little Man really liked getting to iron with Daddy.


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