Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Professor

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I've joined the bans of the Fiber Arts Avengers (click on the banner above to get more info) to help support a little boy just diagnosed with brain cancer.

Nat is a three and a half year old boy. He's been called the Professor since he was a newborn, and it suits him well. Proffer is a wonderful kid, he loves nursery rhymes and fairy tales. He loves to dance and sing and from infancy has always been very sure of himself and what he likes in life.

On October 25, 2006, Nat's family discovered that he had a brain tumor. On October 27 at 1:30 PM EST, The Professor underwent brain surgery in an attempt to remove the tumor.

It was discovered to be Medulloblastoma. This type of malignant tumor is among the more common in childhood cancers. The surgeon reviewed the post-op MRI, and there is no sign of tumor either radiographically or microscopically. So the only bits that can be left are cellular, and that's what the chemo is for. The fact that this is a fast-growing tumor is actually good for chemo, because chemo targets fast growing cells and eradicates them.

The oncologist is in full support of Nat receiving homeopathic support throughout his allopathic treatments. We know homeopathy helps, and we're hoping that the support it gives his whole body will allow him to withstand the levels of chemo necessary without suffering major long-term side effects.

The Fiber Arts Avengers are banding together again to raise some money for the Professor's treatments.

I will be contributing a gender neutral newborn set of longies and hat, perfect for the upcoming Christmas/ Yule season. Keep an eye out for when I list it :) The more support for Nat and his family, the better.


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