Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recent knitting

For Christmas, my sweet mother-in-law and step-father-in-law bought the kids a wooden kitchen. It is AMAZING!!! Hand crafted in Maine, it is absolutely beautiful. I love it and am looking forward to many children enjoying this kitchen :) To round out their new setup, my parents bought some wooden "condiments" (as seen in the cabinets of the kitchen) and I knit them some fruits and veggies with a string bag. They really do enjoy cooking at it and making us many meals that are *dewicious* as Little Man loves to say.

I knitted my sister a felted Whimsy Tote from Little Turtle knits. It's not available for sale, it's a free pattern that Frequent Buyer's Club members can access. It was a quite an easy knit actually, double stranded Peace Fleece in Galooboy Blue. The problem came when it was time to felt.... a dozen cycles later and there were still areas not felting as well as others. It took some hand felting, and some trips through the dryer, but I got it fairly close to the measurements it was supposed to be. The tote is lined in a lime green flannel with bright flip-flops and sand dollars all over. The pocket on one side is a deep magenta color (my sis is a sucker for bright color combos). She LOVED it and has been using it every day since I gave it to her.


Blogger Heth said...

Oh my gosh, the veggies and fruits are adorable. Love them.

My littlest got a wooden kitchen set for Christmas this year and I love it, it's almost indestructable. Notice I said "almost". There have been some casualties so far.

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