Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fiber Art Beginnings

Start 'em early I say :) Here's my Mushie Face "carding" some raw wool for me. I have about 5lbs of clean, raw wool sitting here in the apartment. I've been using it to stuff toys (that's what the knit veggies are stuffed with), I plan on taking up needle-felting, and I use the wool for our bendy dolls. Since it is raw wool, it's uncarded and has some gnarly spots that need combing. I'm usually the one to take care of this, but lately, Mush has taken an interest in crafting with Mama and has become quite skilled at fluffing the wool. Ahhh.... my Fiber Artist-in-training...

Speaking of fiber, I hit Joann's Fabrics this weekend and picked up some delicious corduroy. Including the weight I gained with Mushie Face during my pregnancy, I've lost about 45lbs in the last 14 months. Needless to say, I have NO clothes that fit me. While browsing around the internet, I stumbled upon some lovely clothes that *spoke* to me and I knew that my next projects would be some clothes for **ME**!! These cords, in plum, coal, a yummy brown, and a pewter sort of color, will become pants for me and the scraps will be panels for a gored skirt for the Mushie face. Here is some of my inspiration:
The Back Porch Boutique
Phreaky Boutique
Peace Boutique
Ocean Tribes.com


Blogger Christina said...

Hi my name is Christina and I am married too and am also a Christian and am seeking other Christian women blogger to correspond with online. I enjoyed your blog very much! I found your blog on Sara's site walk slowly live wildly. God Bless.

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