Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thankful for this pregnancy...

Here's a list of things I've grown to be quite thankful for so far during this pregnancy:

  • My wonderful husband who just now, at 11:15pm, ran out to the grocery store to pick me up the fixings to make a turkey sub :) Now that's devotion.
  • My dryer. There, I said it. This hippie-dippie, crunchy mama is thankful for her carbon emitting dryer. I'm all for hang drying clothes (I do it MOST of the year). I'm all for conserving electricity and saving the environment by not using the dryer, but let me tell you... I'm so tired, I can't even stand up in front of my drying rack to hang the laundry on it with out feeling the need to sit down and take a nap. So, into the dryer it goes.
  • The eye pillow my best friend, E, made me. Ahhh... lavender, rice, and flax seed, heated for a little over a minute, then draped over my eyes, forehead, and sinuses... it's pure heaven, I tell ya. I don't think I could ask for a better relaxation tool, especially since I've been getting headaches a lot from the constant weather changes.
  • My Little Man reminding me that even though I have some poor parenting moments, namely when he's in the middle of throwing one of his screaming fits because I was a mean mommy and said he can't have cake before dinner, I'm still a pretty good mommy most of the time and he appreciates it. We watched a homebirth photo mantage the other morning on youtube and he saw a picture of the baby crying and proceeded to inform that the baby "needed mommy milk. He's crying cuz he wants mommy milk." Makes my heart melt :)
  • Haagen Daas chocolate ice cream by the pint. "Nuff said.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

An update...

I don't know if I have any habitual readers of this simple blog, but I still feel like I should give an update since I haven't posted anything since February.

I've been feeling quite tired lately and haven't gotten much sewing, knitting, or crafting done. The kiddos are keeping me on my toes, and I guess alot of it is also due to this:
See the line?? It's a little light, so I took one of those digital tests and it clearly read *PREGNANT* So, as of this upcoming Tuesday, I will be 9weeks along.

We're quite excited about this new addition, surprised, but excited. Since I'm still tandem nursing Little Man and Miss Mushie, we really didn't think fertility would be resuming for a while. But I guess the Lord had other plans. So now you will be able to join me on my journey of becoming a Mama for a 3rd time. Let's just hope this pregnancy goes a little easier than my first 2.

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