Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our latest edition...

Nope, no baby yet. So what am I referring to?? Take a look...
This is our new and improved Famyil Bed. On Saturday, a new queen sized mattress and boxspring set were delivered. Within an hour, we had the side-carred crib dismantled, the new mattress set put together and pushed up against the old set, and new linens gracing the set. TWO queen sized mattresses!!!

Currently we're sleeping the warm blooded family members and the cold blooded family members, LOL. Little Man and I are sleeping on the mattress closest to the wall with a sheet and a light cotton blanket on us. Mushie Face and M are sleeping on the other mattress complete with sheet, down comforter, and some nights, the velour blanket at the foot of the bed. Although, I think Miss Mushie is slowly moving over to being one of us "warm" members because I've been waking up to find her sans sheets or blankets.

So what do *I* think of our new Family Bed?? Well, we have 120 inches of mattress from the wall to the end of the second mattress, and mama still only gets to sleep on about 6" of space. Hmmm.... how does that work???


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