Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy Little Bee...

I have been quite the busy little bee lately. Pretty much ALL of my spare time has been devoted to working on Christmas presents, whether sewing, knitting, or painting. So here are a few things I've been working on lately...
This is a shawl for my MIL (boy I hope she doesn't read this... I don't think she does)

Next up, here are the napkins I made with the fabric remnant I found. I backed them in solid blue flannel, they're so squishy, M loves using them. I definitely intend on making more cloth napkins for us :) I have to find the pics of the pants... hmmm.... I think they're on the other memory card.

This is a baby hat I knit for a friend's baby shower. She's having a little boy, but I like to go somewhat gender neutral, just in case. Anyway, it's supposed to be reminiscent of a winter's sky because she's due in January. The embroidery is supposed to be snowflakes, but they look a little more like stars, ah well.

I'll try to post more as I finish up my projects. I'm a little overwhelmed by the amount I took on, but I'm slowly plowing thorugh. We leave tomorrow evening for NJ to have Christmas with M's family so that'll offer some relief, not to mention I can take some knitting with me and get some done while the in-laws watch the kiddos :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Good-bye, Sweet One...

The Professor has passed.

Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. No one should ever have to lose a child, especially one so young. Lives have been touched by this sweet boy and his story.

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