Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So tiny...

I finally picked up the needles over the last week and cranked out 2 things for the new babe. The soaker is a newborn Curly Purly soaker in Peace Fleece's "Negotiation Grey". It is SO stinkin' tiny!!! I can't believe that in 19 weeks, I will have someone in my home that will actually fit it.

The pants are a pair of Wooly Wonder Perfection Pants in Montana Targhee dyed by Mosaic Moon in "Chai Latte" with matching newborn hat. This was my first time doing the pattern, and I found it to be quite an easy knit, after I got past the math part, LOL. The pants are a newborn/ small size. I made them so that they'll be a little big in the newborn stage, but they should last a while. The 3x1 ribbing I did for the cuffs looks good rolled up and the waistband will work well rolled down in the first month.. This was also my first time working with Montana Targhee. SO SOFT!!!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is it scary....

that I'm already planning for the winter holidays? On our return trip from Florida (you know, the one where I almost threw myself into oncoming traffic to avoid sitting in the car for another 12 hours??) I started listing out all the people we're giving gifts to this year. Then I started coming up with some gift ideas. Well, I have about 6 different lists going for Christmas gifts now, did I mention I LOVE lists?
I have lists for ideas for my kiddos (y'know, when my mother-in-law starts asking what to get for them), lists for gifts to make, lists of supplies to purchase in order to make said gifts... and the list goes on, LOL (pun intended).

So, my goal for this year is to have ALL Christmas gifts made, bought, and wrapped by November 1, except those for the baby, I won't buy them til we know whether it's a boy or a girl :). Am I overly ambitious?? I hope not. The lists keep growing as I come up with more ideas. I think this week sometime I'll have to sit down and trim them a little. I should add that to my list of "things to do".


Monday, June 04, 2007

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;" Jeremiah 1:5

How utterly amazing that the Lord KNOWS this baby already. Every inch of skin that is forming, every blood vessel that flows through his/ her veins, every practice breath s/he takes, the Lord has set in motion.

We heard our little one's heartbeat on Thursday. What a wonderful, reassuring sound to listen to. The fast pounding that sounds like horses galloping. The sloshing of the fluids that keep the baby comfortable and safe. It is all so intricate and precise, and yet so surreal at the same time.

Little Man and Mushie Face listened in awe as they heard their brother or sister's heart beating so fast. Little Man kept putting his hand on my belly and whispering "Baby". He watched as my midwife checked the fundal height and felt around for where the baby was possibly positioned and then ever so gently, he tried o mimic her.

I think I felt movement this past weekend, but I can't be totally sure. When I was pregnant with Little Man, it was so easy to feel. I would just lay in the silence and wait. Now, I can barely feel my own heartbeating since silence is NOT something that occurs in my home very often. Alas, such is the life of the third born.


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